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She is Leadership Strategist, a professional certified Executive Coach, Career Coach and a Life Coach. Ausra is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF). She has completed a number of training programs in "Institute for Life Coach Training" (Ohio, US) and Executive Coaching as well as Career Transition Certification programs at "Centre for Executive Coaching" (Florida, US). Ausra is a Human Resources Management professional with extensive more than 15 years' experience in HR Management field in outstanding international companies like Kraft Foods (Mondelez International), AstraZeneca and Nordea Bank (ranked 20th safest bank in the world by Global Finance).

She is also a co-founder of BOUTIQUE INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP - a unique executive excellence acceleration company offering Executive Presence and Leadership Inspirational solutions. Discover more at


Her areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

- Leadership Wisdom and Authenticity,
- Talent Management and Succession Planning,
- Organisational Development and Employee Engagement,
- Quality of Life Strategy.

In 2011 Ausra got an Award as the "Manager of the Year in Nordea Bank" for her solid contribution to business results from the HR area. She was editor of HR Management Manual by "Business News" in Lithuania and lectured Talent Management topic in Lithuanian HR Management Professionals Association.

Ausra was a founder of socially responsible initiative "Talent Club" with the mission to support young and talented people in finding their life and career path.

She is an author of highly inspiring books such as "Five Balls of Wisdom: A Book For You And For My Children" and "Love Yourself Too: The Diary of Your Life Quality", also a co-author of "The Book of Yours and Mine Joy of Life" (the last two in Lithuanian language) which are highly appreciated by Lithuanian readers.

Her mission is to inspire people to discover opportunities in their life and business, boost energy and self-confidence. The way Ausra works with her clients is embracing, empathetic and encouraging. She has a remarkable ability to truly connect with people and puts her heart and soul into making each session and event into a life-enhancing journey. Being HR Management and Human Relations expert, Ausra uses holistic approach and offers her clients integrated solutions incorporating professional Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Life Coaching in the heart of her service. Each session creates inspiring energy for the clients and builds motivation to become real masters of their lives, build leadership authenticity and bravely meet executive level challenges.

Ausra is instrumental in creating authentic and relevant solutions for the clients and delivering real value for their business and private life. 

Quality of her contribution and credibility are significant aspects of her personal brand through her professional career.

Languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian.


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Andrew Neitlich

 Founder and Director, Center for Executive Coaching; Author, Elegant Leadership: Simple      Strategies, Remarkable Results. Florida, USA


I highly recommend Ausra's coaching. I have worked with Ausra for over six months. She has a number of gifts as a coach and advisor, including a robust set of tools, methods, and processes that get results for managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. She is also enjoyable to work with, because she has high energy, is positive and encouraging, and provides insights that help people be better leaders and improve performance. You will get great value when you work with Ausra.

Egle Petrevice

Strategy Director, Scandinavian Accounting and Consulting. Lithuania



I got to meet Ausra more than 8 years ago when we were both working for big pharma multinational. Then she’s been a colleague and now a personal coach. Ausra really walks her talk, delivering on her promise with each interaction. She has an inner gift. A gift to naturally care for people: for their life, success and wellbeing. Her sharp mind and direct style are well balanced with compassion and genuine desire to help. With Ausra’s help, I have gained not only guidance and action plan for a personally meaningful further career path, but it put me on a way to leading a more meaningful life.

 Andrius Tarvydas

CEO and the Owner, Andinvest Capital. Lithuania



I was working with Ausra as my professional coach since Autumn 2012 to Summer 2014. 

 highly recommend her due to many excellent qualifications that she has, just to name a few:

- Involvement. In order to guide me through my decisions and actions, she sincerely took time to understand the essence of my challenges, what I highly appreciate and consider as key to successful coaching results;

- Positive attitude and belief. Ausra is a very positive and inspiring person, who believes that any goal can be achieved and any challenge overtaken. Most important, personally I have been taking actions  that give desired results already after a few coaching sessions;

- Interpersonal understanding. Last, but not least, is that while working with Ausra, I know and feel that she is with me, we share my challenges and achievements, and she makes me feel stronger and more independent in making right decisions week by week.

To anyone, who is reading this short letter, I highly recommend to hire Ausra before she is fully booked.

Ileana Vitelaru

Experienced HR Director. Romania



I have met Ausra in 2006, while both of us worked as HR Directors for AstraZeneca - a top pharma multinational. 

For a couple of years we used to meet regularly and work on common regional projects. During these challenging times of transformation, Ausra was the HR Head for the Baltic countries and she at first impressed me as an efficient, organised and proficient HR leader. 

However, getting to know her better, what I admire most about Ausra is her warm and friendly personality, her excellent communication skills and elegant sense of humour, all qualities which help her establish quick and lasting rapport with people...irrespective of age, gendre or nationality!  Ausra's authentic sense of ethics, her empathy and compassion for other people as well as her positive attitude towards life are qualities which recommend her for the new mission of Executive and Life Coach which she has embraced.

Jaunius Pusvaskis

Director General, BMI Baltic Management Institute. Lithuania



If you can dream of something, it means, you can do it. Ausra is exactly the kind of person that confirms the rule. Great passion and enthusiasm as well as persistence to commence projects and tasks are the unique character traits that I adore having known Ausra for more than 10 years.        

Marie Lück Søfelt

Head of Talent Management & Employer Branding, Nordea Bank. Denmark



I have worked with Ausra since 2009 on several occasions and I really admire her high level of quality and being very sincere about her contribution. You are sure always to have good and value adding dialogues with Ausra and she is a safe card to turn to if you are looking for an answer or insight on a specific topic.

Aldona Jakutiene

Finance Director Statoil. Lithuania

I have been working with Ausra in “Lietuvos energija” AB in 2009.

She was leading HR function at that time. It was not an easy time for the organization having so many changes and challenges at the same time.

Ausra, being HR department director, was the one who was leading the cultural and organizational change in the “Lietuvos energija” group. This was not an easy task having in mind the size of the organization, the complexity of the changes and different stakeholder’s interests.

Looking back I could say, that Ausra is the leader able to make a big changes both in organizations and in private people lives. She is a real HR professional having a good advice in different situations, trustful, reliable and challenging colleague, very positive and inspiring others for reaching more ambitious goals in their careers and lives.  

It was a real pleasure working with her!

I would recommend Ausra as one of the best HR professionals I had ever met.

Lars-Åke Dahl

Senior consultant & ICF Certified Coach, Large Leadership Sweden AB. Sweden



In my former role as senior development consultant at HR in Nordea Bank, I had the privilege to work with Ausra for many years.

She has been both participant, facilitator, stakeholder and buyer of different successful leadership development activities.

Ausra holds a unique combination of curiosity, competence, kindness, humour and strong result focus.

I can recommend you to work with Ausra. You will get strong and sustainable results and a very creative atmosphere when creating them.

Jonas Urbonas

Deputy Head of Banking at Nordea Bank. Lithuania

I know Ausra since 2010. She is a balanced person with an intensive HR knowledge and experience. Ausra is highly creative, reputable and trustworthy professional always performing at a highest pace not only on a strategic level but also on everyday tactics and business activities putting her heart and soul into it. I've enjoyed cooperating with Ausra as she is always respectful to other people, their opinions and time.


by Ausra 

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Five Balls of Wisdom
a Book for You and For my Children

Love Yourself as Well
a Diary of Your Life Quality

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A Book of Yours and Mine Joy of Life


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