Dear Business Strategist, Let's Talk About Your Own Life Strategy

We deserve to be at our top: both in the business and in our private life. At the top of our talent, our potential, our psychological, physical, emotional and social wellbeing. We do not want to be half happy, half successful or half loved, right?

Here is a quick quiz for you:
- Are you too busy, too rushed, too stressed?
- Have you lost a track of yourself in a today's woods of turbulence, speed and stress?
- Do you struggle to find time for self-care?
- Do you doubt if you have really chosen to live?

If you replied "yes" to any of these questions, then it might be that you have to stop running and invite yourself to a meeting with a very special person - YOU.

How many times you were involved in strategy discussions regarding your business? You dedicated time, energy and resources to identify vision, mission, values, opportunities and threats for the business. Together with your management team you have designed a number of action plans and allocated resources. But what about you? Do you have a strategy for your own life? Or your life is managed by the other people: your friends, parents, kids, employees, clients, colleagues?

How it would change if you would arrange a strategy meeting for your own life? To brainstorm and discover your personal values, life passion and purpose, your energy gainers and energy drainers, set your boundaries, open new opportunities and even more.

Imagine for a second that you are standing in a desert, the weather is extremely hot, the sun is shining so brightly, and you are so thirsty. You have only one small bottle of water and hold it in your hands. All of a sudden, a stranger comes to you and asks to give him a drink, because he has been travelling for a long time and is so thirsty. You give him your last and the only bottle and he drinks it all. How do you feel? Thirsty at least, but most probably also frustrated or even angry because you don't know when and where you'll get water for yourself. If you had known that he would drink it all, maybe you would have thought before giving it to a stranger. But imagine the other situation when you drink half a bottle yourself and then a stranger comes and you give the other half to him: you both are ok as you shared, and you took good care of yourself before helping the other person. This metaphor illustrates our life situations. Every day we give and share ourselves in the form of advice, help, energy, competence, and sometimes just by listening to other people – our friends, colleagues, clients, family, neighbours, or strangers. In order to refill our bottle, we have to look for some good sources of energy, inspiration and motivation – something to charge ourselves with. And then we try to find some time for dancing, exercising, reading, having fun with lovely people, or creating something. But so often we are stuck, as our daily agendas are fully booked with meetings, calls, communications, and emails. What would change if you planned some time for yourself first, like we plan our time for others?

Give yourself a gift – invite yourself to a Personal Strategy Session to discover your compass in today's woods of turbulence, speed and stress. To design a personal strategy map - for not being lost, but also for building internal strength, stress resistance, self-confidence and courage to make the right choices in life.

Plan your Personal Strategy Session in your calendar. Take a day-off. Find a quiet place that you could listen to yourself: your needs, values, passion. Do not postpone your life till tomorrow, next Monday, next year or when your children will grow up. Live it NOW, live it fully, truly fall in love with your life and shine your passion. Now and every day.