“Don’t just climb the ladder of success - a ladder that leads, after all, to higher and higher levels of stress and burnout - but chart a new path to success, remaking it in a way that includes not just the conventional metrics of money and power, but a third metric that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving, so that the goal is not just to succeed but to thrive.”

— Arianna Huffington

Leadership Presence: Your Authentic Power

Leadership Presence Coaching Program



Leadership presence is one of the hottest topics in leadership and talent development discussions today. A number of extensive research shows that technical and managerial skill is not enough to succeed at the highest levels. It's also your leadership wisdom and authenticity that demonstrates your readiness to take on larger leadership roles. Leadership Presence in often called  "X factor" in leadership. It's your ability to influence the others and engage emotionally, own the room wherever you are,  having confidence, communication mastery and credibility. It's a combination of Head and Heart of the leader and it works inside out, not the opposite.


Purpose of the program:

Leverage Your Leadership Presence for building authentic leadership strength and getting ready for the next level career challenge



3 months


Content elements and topics:

  • Back to the foundation: your personal values
  • Develop impeccable character
  • Communicate simply and powerfully
  • Strengthen your powerbase
  • Engage and mobilize employees
  • Leadership from below
  • Successfully influence others
  • Build for the future


In addition to Executive Coaching session you will benefit from the advice and practical tools you will get from the team of professionals with international credentials:

Personal Trainer who will analyze your posture and design a special program for you

Stylist who will help you to upgrade your attire

Voice Coach who will support you in your journey of influencing by mastering your voice


The results of this program include:

At the end of this program, you will have tools, insights and the action plan with the steps forward to helping you significantly enhance your presence as a leader with your employees, customers, shareholders, and partners.

It's a journey of personal discovery that leads to

Your Powerful Authentic Leadership Presence



Leadership Excellence Club


Purpose of the program:

Support Leaders  in building their leadership wisdom and overcoming every day challenges, increase collaboration quality by effectively  utilizing the skills and knowledge of the team


6 months


Content elements and topics:

  • Take care of your needs
  • Leverage communication skills
  • Earn the right to lead
  • Managing up
  • Problem solving mastery
  • Successfully influence others
  • Foster collaboration
  • Build for the future


Program consist of group sessions and individual coaching sessions.


The results of this program include:

- leveraged leadership skills to maximize performance

- accelerated problem solving skills in team coaching experience

- enhanced cooperation between managers 



Personal Strategy Session

Give yourself a gift of time and wisdom


A one-day program of discoveries, ideas, self-awareness, energy, enthusiasm and joy of life for ambitious, intelligent, demanding managers, business owners, professionals.


 The session can be dedicated to the following topics (depending upon individual's needs):

Quality of Life Strategy. Purpose: supporting the individual in identifying new opportunities, regain self-confidence, increase stress resistance and bring more joy to life. The session is structured around Ausra Bijaminiene's signature method "Quality of Life Compass". 

Dedicated to: tired, disappointed, and individuals who lack energy, enthusiasm and the belief to live fulfilled, joyful, and meaningful life.


Career Strategy. Purpose: supporting the individual in identifying alternative career paths, getting to know himself or herself better, understanding what opportunities are available in order to realize a desired career path for unlocking potential and gaining more satisfaction.

Dedicated to: managers and professionals who have some doubts regarding their career and would like to change it. Also to managers and professionals who have lost their job due to organizational changes (instead of or as a supplement to outplacement services). 


Executive Excellence Strategy. Purpose: supporting executives in overcoming the most relevant leadership challenges that can be - getting commitment and building alignment in the executive team, implementing difficult changes, mastering skills to influence, inspire and empower others, enhancing emotional intelligence, loneliness at the top - making and implementing tough decisions, managing poor performance, leadership wisdom and authenticity, enhancing leadership skills for a person who is moving into new area or expanding your role.

Dedicated to: top and middle level managers, business owners who face leadership challenges, also for newly assigned managers.


The results of these sessions embrace but are not limited to: clarity of the choices available, identify new opportunities, inspiration, energy and belief, and a very specific action plan with the relevant steps to take in order to make a life changing difference in the relevant area.


Program package consist of:

- preparation meeting to identify needs, purpose and expectations, discuss the agenda and methods of the session. Duration up to 1.5 hrs

- Personal Strategy Session. Duration: 1 day, from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

- follow-up meeting to discuss progress. Duration up to 1.5 hrs


Here is what participants say:

"For ages I have been questioning myself: am I on the right track? Seems I’ve made a great career in global corporation, but I was questioning myself  -  am I doing the thing I meant to do? What is important to me? Why I feel so lost, unhappy and stressed? Am I wasting my time? And it came to the point I had to do something… and I chose to have one very intense Personal Strategy day with Ausra. This strategy day has made such a difference in my life. Now I know exactly what career paths would bring me most satisfaction, I have a specific time bound action plan and I am making more progress than I have ever imagined. Its been very engaged, busy but rewarding day. I have regained my passion, drive and enthusiasm to pursue my dreams!" 

"I wanted to Thank You significantly for everything: support, advice, encouragement, gifts, time. I was driving to our meeting with chaos in my head and my heart. The session was run in a cordial way that is very close to my nature. Discussions with exercises and coffee brakes were well balanced. Massage was a big gift for myself after a huge cleaning of all corners in my heart. With Your help I realised, that something has to be changed, and most probably the object of the change is actually me :) This way we have created "My project" for better quality of life. Thank you for helping me to glue together myself from pieces :) The ocean of thoughts was controlled and we managed to build a dam. Now I have to seriously work with myself. Huge Thank You once again."


For more watch the VIDEO:


3G: Get, Give, Gain

Middle Management Growth Program


Purpose of the program:

Support Middle Managers in their journey to translate strategy into actions, manage performance of their teams, enhance communication skills, leverage their leadership quality.


3 months


The results of this program include:

- enhanced communication between managers

- leveraged leadership skills to maximise performance

- designed strategic business initiative with Middle Managers' contribution


I know. I believe. I can

Inspirational Team Session


Today we live in extremely noisy world with surplus of information, technologies, tough competition, and demanding relationships. We live in the era of changes that bring progress, agility but also continuous stress, tension and increased amounts of personal energy consumption. We can not stop all the changes and switch-off stress factors in our life, but we can definitely find our own compass to navigate through endless woods of turbulence, speed and stress. Namely by building internal strength and authentic stress resistance strategy.

It's a one day experiential team engagement session of discoveries, energy and joy lead by co-founders of Boutique Institute of Leadership Ausra Bijaminiene and Saulius Sabunas


Purpose of the program:

Support managers and employees in managing stress, getting know each other better, building genuine engagement and unbeatable team spirit.


1 day

Content elements and topics:

- How stress impact the quality of our life? What are simple but yet powerful techniques to overcome that?

- Build your authentic internal strength that will guide you in life and prevent from external stressful attacks

- Experiential engagement experience, both individually and in a group

The results of this program include:

At the end of this program, you will have tools, insights and inspiration to bravely meet future life and business challenges and continue enjoying life even in the most turbulent circumstances. You will get know your team members better and enjoy it. After the session you will take to your team to the next level of engagement, mutual understanding and sense of belonging.

Succeed in Your First 90 Days

Coaching program for a great start in a new role


Transitioning to a new role brings along a set of challenges – new environment, subordinates, much higher expectations, next level complexity and problem solving tasks, need to influence and engage, build superb relationships within and outside the organisation. And at the same time you have to deliver what is expected and create a business value with your people. If you will focus on the right areas and master the most relevant skills, you’ll be off to a great start.


Purpose of the program:

Support newly promoted Leaders in their first 90 days to succeed and deliver in the new position.



3 months


Content elements and topics:

- environmental radar

- priority setting and strategy translation

- managing up

- communication mastery

- performance management challenges

- managing expectations and problem solving

- engaging and mobilising employees

- enhance your leadership presence


The results of this program include:

At the end of this program, you will have tools, insights and the action plan with the steps forward to ease and accelerate your transition as a leader at any level within the organisation. Program helps you to mimimise your own frustrations and easier navigate through the cultural, environmental and leadership challenges. Enjoy your early wins in a new position – build a great foundation from the very start.


Most Pressing Leadership Challenges

Customized coaching programs


Ausra brings to you proven methodologies and systematic approach for overcoming your the most pressing leadership challenges that helps you accelerate results – without making costly mistakes that others tend to make. This is in-depth help for individual executives, managers, and teams to improve performance. As a result, managers and executives shift the way that they influence other people, budget resources, set priorities, communicate, hold their team accountable, and set the tone in their areas of responsibility. You will make immediate improvement in relevant areas in your company and measurable results follow.


Leading change is fraught with risks and potential land mines. We have watched careers get derailed, and organizations take a long time to recover from costly but avoidable mistakes during change initiatives that went off track.

Take a comprehensive approach to your change initiative, so that you don’t get blindsided by unanticipated consequences. In any change process, you will hear from many voices in your organization. Each often sees a piece of the puzzle, and not the whole system. If one dominates the conversation about change, you might end up making short-sighted decisions. Ausra can help you take a more systematic approach to change, so that the change lasts, enrolls key people throughout the organization, and leads to ongoing improvements in performance and results.

Get momentum on your side quickly. We all have seen organizations that get bogged down in change efforts that go nowhere. This causes employees to feel stressed, become cynical, and the best talent to head for the exits. There are proven strategies to build momentum during change, and there are also wrong ways to get change processes moving. Knowing the difference you can identify the most effective path to results.


Executives, entrepreneurs and managers in organizations of all sizes share that one of their top concerns as a leader is that they feel overwhelmed. The stresses of juggling multiple demands on their time, resolving constant conflicts, and coping with competing priorities all make it extraordinarily difficult to feel in control. If you also have this concern, you are not alone. Many leaders feel the same way, and there is a solution. As a result, you are more productive, you make better decisions, and you notice that your performance as well as that of your team and your organization improves – seemingly with less effort and hassle.

Ausra works with you to design your day and week to redesign you time, set boundaries, and put key habits and behaviors in place so that you get back in control of your time as appropriate for your role as a leader.


Stop tolerating organizational performance that doesn’t meet your expectations. Once you get to the root cause preventing optimal performance, everything changes in the way your people and teams communicate, get things done, and achieve results. The problem is that most organizations don’t go deep enough to reach the true root cause in the way of extraordinary outcomes. They keep focusing on surface solutions, whether that means a new organization chart, setting new priorities, or communicating more forcefully about the importance of achieving the current goals.

That’s not enough. Ausra helps organizations get to the root cause of high performance. That means going deep into the habits, routines, and behaviors that permeate how things get done in the organization. She helps leaders to define the way they want their culture to be in the organization, and create discipline up, down, and across the organization that assures the highest levels of performance.

If you are open to support in creating constantly improving levels of performance and results in your organization, Ausra has a methodology and unparalleled set of tools to help you succeed.


According to Gallup (2013), only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged, and one quarter of employees report that they are actively disengaged. The costs of this situation are staggering in terms of lost productivity and the cost of replacing employees.

At the same time, many leaders of both large and small organizations report that one of their top frustrations is about how they can do a better job engaging their employees. They are tired of spending so much time dealing with the fallout that comes from employees that are not as committed and motivated as they are.

While there is no silver bullet to this predicament, there are simple yet powerful leadership practices that cost nothing to implement, and can produce immediate improvements in performance.

Ausra can bring an 11-part methodology to your organization and leadership team that addresses the problems of employee engagement. Best of all, this methodology doesn’t require invasive organizational development strategies or restructurings that are almost impossible to implement. Instead, we focus on simple but powerful behaviors that have maximum impact on your leaders’ ability to engage.

If you are facing any of the above - TAKE ACTION